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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.2 : Just like a brother, collected for nothing

“He He, it is your rest day today, right? Come with me to a party.”

“Today is the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Who has time to play with you? Your girlfriend this year has exceeded two digit. Looking at the numbers of female secretaries you have, why call me?”

“The party is in the afternoon are young people. Don’t you always want to know a few more people?” Zheng harmonic ignored her unreasonable provocation, quietly explained.

“The bunch of people you hang out with is good people? I don’t want to go.”

“He He, your company is doing well this year. So don’t need my order, right?” Zheng Xie said kindly while drinking the soya bean milk.

Haiz, she seek temporary tongue, totally forgotten. Vulnerable groups wants to keep the backbone is indeed a difficult thing. He He immediately spread a sunny smile on her face: “Brother Zheng Xie, this I cannot joke with you? I am afraid that I can’t live up to the expectation hence disgracing you. I will go. I will go. Do I wear a miniskirts or midriff? I immediately go and prepare.”

Secretary Wei found someone to deliver the clothes, yellow little knee length dress with a matching colored leather sandals. Even the necklaces and hair accessories were prepared. Pity her at her age, still need to dress up like that.

Xiao He He is very happy when arriving at the banquet scene. It is like a children’s playground with various types of dolls pendulum everywhere, air floating balloons, colored paper and issues written on paper. Obviously it is a game party. No wonder Zheng Xie does not bring his type of temperament girlfriend, instead insisted on dragging her.

A further look, she became happier. The theme of the banquet is of the Olympic Games with electronic display solemnly displaying the countdown. Probably unified requirements, men are neatly dressed in black suit, ladies are dressed in red, yellow, blue or green, the 4 colors of the Olympic. This is a really talented organizers. It would be much easier to group when playing games as it will be grouped by clothes colors.

Zheng Xie left her to go socializing and to enjoy himself. Xiao He He walks around guessing lots of questions, while winning many prizes. After that, she went to find something to eat. In the corner, in 2 or 3 groups, she heard some interesting gossip.

“Cheng and Zhong family would be having a happy event next month, but suddenly was abruptly cancelled. What happen?”

“Both side of the family said that the bride is suddenly ill. And then the groom went to help out in the Sichuan earthquake, so it was delayed. As for the internal news…. haiz, only they would know.”

“The Cheng family has more to it. Heard that Cheng Shao Chen has reunited with his ex-wife. The old lady is so happy, immediately with the young married woman and granddaughter came back from England.”

“Ex-wife? Cheng Shao Chen is actually married?”

“Did you come from Mars?”

Uh, that Mr Cheng, she’s met twice. Really unexpected, she felt is more difficult to deal with vs Zheng Xie. Totally unexpected. Not to mention stuck for so long, also willing to be stuck twice. The story behind the woman, is really someone she wants to worship.

As the result of eavesdropping, accidentally rolled herself into this.

“Hey, who is the woman whom came together with Zheng Xie today? New?”

“Unlike the usual Zheng Xie taste. Over the years, Zheng Xie only associate with one type of woman, said to be like his first love.”

“Oh, think about it. Doesn’t Zheng Xie has a God-Sister? Is that her?”

“Maybe it is. This little girl looks pretty good. I heard that the Secretary Zheng likes her very much. Also not bad. If you are really interested in her, you might as well go for the relationship.”

“Secretary Zheng? The one in the province? With her?”

“You don’t even know who Zheng Xie is? You’re new ah?”

Xiao He He decided to call Su Ren Ran once she leaves the venue. The gossip extend in the social elites, can said to be a little degree more than what the ordinary people will go.

He He found a corner that is most quiet and concentrate on enjoying her huge heap of food. She looked around for Zheng Xie, well-dressed, don’t know if he at the moment are actively or passively involve in the gossip. She saw Zheng Xie, standing not far from her humble position while talking to a beautiful woman.

Haiz, she did not want to admit it. Among the bright colored clothes and fragrant of the field, Zheng Xie remains as the most outstanding one. His fine facial features, tall and dark, although she normally banished him with a small white face, however, among the piles of feminine and foolish men, she unexpectedly felt that Zheng Xie regardless of shape or have the gusto shares, is unspeakably full of masculine charm.

Zheng Xie also saw her, politely greeted the beauty and took steps over to her to pick something to eat from her plate.

Xiao He He see Zheng Xie holding a glass of wine, immediately got angry: “Just yesterday, because stomach is not well, had to take the drip. Looking for trouble… today already taking a drink?” He He took over his drink and down it. The concern for him is false, this last action almost choke her up.

As a result, He He drinking quickly and because she is too fierce, suddenly chocking herself, cough violently. Zheng Xie while patting her back, laughed: “How come you do not grow up, wall flower when no temperament. Yes, are there anyone pleasing to the eyes? I can help to introduce you.”

“All not even half pleasing to the eye, including you. Help to get me a drink.”

“Do not say anything with low emotional intelligence in the public. Go and get it yourself.”

“I took a lot of food to eat. People are already begun to pay attention to me. You are not afraid that I will lose your face?” Xiao He He grin cheekily.

As she is playing around with him, she heard a deep mellow voice: “Zheng Xie, you are still alive!”

Zheng Xie turned and laughed: “You are still living in the world, why do I want to die ah.”

Let them say it. These people, although no longer young, does not have any taboo when speaking. He He look over Zheng Xie’s shoulder and saw a pair of clear eyes with a gentle smile. Looks kind of familiar…..

The deepening of the eyes smiled: “Zheng Xie, this is……”

Zheng Xie pulled He He from the corner: “This is He He, my sister that you have met.”

“He He?” The man eyes narrowed, like in the search memory, then the eyes glance look: “come to think of it, I see that before you went abroad. Hey, so many years has past and yet He He has not aged at all. Still looking like a young girl. Zheng Xie, we have grown old.”

Xiao He He looked carefully at Zheng Xie, seeing him expressionless, with no emotions, is gradually relieved.

Immersed in the memories, the man noticed that Xiao He He for a moment does not recognized him and gently said: “He He, you must not have remembered my name, I am Shi Lin.”

“Shi Lin? The one from Kunming?” Xiao He He mechanically asked.

“时光的时,雨林霖。”- Directly translated in ping yin as “Shiguang de shi, yulin lin.” which describe the Chinese character on how his name is to be written.

“Mr Shi” He He quickly returned to normal and quickly adjust her posture. She slowly stretched out her hand. After all, she has attended social etiquette class before.

When Shi Lin gently squeezed her hand, his generous palm is dry warm and cool. Unlike many other men who are warm, sticky and greasy.

“Don’t be so polite. He He, since you are Zheng Xie’s sister, might as well call me brother.”

“Big brother.” Xiao He He glanced at Zheng Xie, seeing that he has no objection, obediently called him.

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    1. Hahaha…. in real life, that is true as well. At times, I wonder if they are that bored in their life up above everyone else. Have you read this novel sutekii?


      1. Thank you for the support… I am actually enjoying the translation project as it is also helping me in my understanding on the language although it is through “ping yin” reading only. I attempted to learn the language several time over the past years but still never able to pick it up. So unfortunate as then limits me from being able to read c-novel. I even had to give up my Japanese language study because I just could not cope with the Kanji part. Guess just not mean for me 😦


    1. hei thanks. How do I find your email contact? Or if you could reach out to me via email (if you could find my email), it is greatly appreciated. Am still learning my way around these


    1. Don’t think he will be a rival for Zheng Xie as they are friends. But yes a potential love interest for XHH. Let’s see how the progress goes as I am also reading and translating at the same time so I have no clue too. Stay tune 😉


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