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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.1 : Just like a brother, collected for nothing

Seven years ago, Xiao He He’s vision for the future: Marry Her Lover.

Seven years later, Xiao He He’s thought: To Catch a Millionaire

“I must keep my eyes open to try to catch a millionaire.” Whenever watching a happy ending love movies, Xiao He He always sign and say the sentence.

Her friend, Su Ren Ran immediately says: “Around you already there is one ready. Body, money, appearance and manners, all there. You know it well, even investigations is not required. The rest is how you try to capture him.”

“Zheng Xie?” Xiao He He cried out. “We are just individuals tied together only. From young until now, even while day dreaming, I never think of to have any relationship with him.”

“You cannot say it too quickly. I see Zheng Xie is polite and cold with anyone else but when it is with you, he is unkind and yet treat you special.”

Su Ren Ran is mistakenly has talked about Xiao He He’s sorrows. In her short 25 years of life, is filled with the history of being bullied by Zheng Xie.

As a child, he always tricked He He into doing his homework and carry his bags. These little issues are not the only issues. In order to pleased other girls, He He even helped him to write love letter, buy their gifts and even act as couriers to deliver those gifts.

As adult, she is then upgraded to a maid, temporary secretary and even fake girlfriend. He needs her when he is not living in the house, regularly view, pay and even look for someone to clean the place. Secretary when he is not around and when he suddenly wanted to work, she is a temporary stenographer, data administrators as well as tea lady.

When he wanted to get rid of any woman and did not immediately find a successor, she need to thicken her skin and act as the triumphant new lover. Other are hard to say, her only distress is her fear that one day the woman he messed with is too sturdy and infatuated and she is thrown sulfuric acid.

Unfortunately, she owes too much towards Zheng Xie.

When Xiao He He was 5 years old, she caused the 10 years old Zheng Xie foot bone fracture. That time, Zheng Xie was working on getting into juvenile military school, but he ended up stuck at home following the prescribe order on the road of recovery.

When she was 10 years old, the 15 years old Zheng Xie was due to participate in the National Junior Chess tournament. He was a promising success candidate. As he was ready to set out to the tournament, Xiao He He suddenly sent an urgent message saying that she had pneumonia. He had to give up the opportunity to stay with her as there were no adults at home.

At 15, she caused Zheng Xie to break off with his girlfriend. Although it is unclear if that is his real love, but being around him for so many years, many has come and go, however that was his most serious relationship.

At the age of 20, Xiao He He caused Zheng Xie to lose a big piece of business. At the point of time, he has just opened the new company hence it is not stable yet. And the lost deal is worth 1/3 of their annual sale.

Xiao He He kept quiet for a while and eventually felt that she owes a lot to Zheng Xie. So no matter how much he bullies her, she don’t think it is too much. Not even to mention that Zheng Xie often helped her. There is a “Seventh Year Itch” between women and men, they don’t know if this is counted as five years. But on the New Year’s Day this year, Zheng Xie solemnly said: “He He, this year we meet each other as little as possible. Less talk and less interaction.” In 2 days, He He will reached the age of 25 years old.

Seventh Year Itch (七年之痒) can be referred to as “the desire for new sexual experience that is thought to fall in the seventh year of marriage between couples”

But this time, she did not take the initiative to get close to him but him leaning to her. But it seems to be…. because of the provocative text message sent and the false pretense of love to go to the hospital to see him….

Xiao He He mind churns the event of yesterday. She went to the shop to buy breakfast, milk, pickles, fried eggs and served them one by one gracefully on the table. As she needs to have breakfast anyway, so conveniently prepared double portion.

Thinking for a moment, Xiao He He head over to Zheng Xie’s place to take a change of clothes and his daily cleaning supplies as he is very brand conscious and only uses certain brands. Perhaps yesterday, being tired and unwell, he did not bother with the details.

Zheng Xie obviously did not feel that the place where he slept is not suitable, hence after waking up, with sleepy dim eyes, is leisurely and carefree as if in his own home. After a few minutes of waking up, feeling a little refreshed, sits politely at the dinner table.

This shows that it is a common thing to wake up from someone else’s house. Xiao He He discredit him in the heart, with her mouth spoke words of concern: “You don’t need to go to the hospital today for an intravenous drip?”

“I have already recovered, so don’t need.” Zheng Xie said without looking up.

“Zheng Xie, you are so big and have no fear ah.” Secretary Wei seem to say yesterday that the doctor asked him to stay in hospital for 2 days.

“Xiao He He, you are getting bolder, beginning to even address me with my name.” Zheng Xie transfer the focus.

She has called him like this for several years already, most of the time, even the name is not added but just a “Hey”. He actually wanted to put her into this spectrum. But Xiao He He had chosen not to speak.

Zheng Xie looked down to eat. Always having a good tutor, he is different from others. He never eat with any noise, Xiao He He admired.

And also to try to learn to be like Zheng Xie, Xiao He He tried to drink the milk without issuing any noise. But suddenly Zheng Xie began to speak. Under her breath of surprised, she almost sprayed the milk in her mouth.

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4 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 2.1

  1. My questions in the previous chapter was answered in this chapter. Zheng Xie Is so young and already so successful.

    So it was also him who asked Xiao He He to distance herself from him.

    Without them realizing it, there’s already a kind of intimacy in their relationship which to me crossed beyond friendship.

    Thanks Mryhu.

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