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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.2 : Awkward Tanabata Night

After leaving the hospital ward, outside on the ground were several baskets of flowers, colorful and filled with the aroma of the fresh flowers.

He He bent over and picked up a very chic decorated basket. “This one is very pretty, send it to me.”

Zheng Xie grabbed her by the collar to bring her up to stand: “Hospital flowers, more unlucky.”

“Today is Tanabata Festival and I did not received any.” He He trying to get rid of his hard claws on her collar.

“Later I buy for you outside.”

“But I like this one.” He He insisted on choosing one.

But Zheng Xie, whom obviously was sickly looking earlier, with strength and skills, quickly dragged her along. He He did not understand where he could get the energy, very quickly her baskets is removed from her hand, she has been dragged to stand up and in a wick of an eye, has left the ward.

Will a few strokes of martial art that great? While being pulled on the wrist by Zheng Xie, He He did not give up and turned back to look at the basket of flowers.

And when she got into the car, she fell asleep again while vaguely heard Zheng Xie said: “Xiao Wang, increase the air-cond temperature a little please.” The car swerved and He He hit the window glass and woke up.

In the dim light of the car, she turned and saw Zheng Xie place face, listless.

His skin is already white, at the moment is almost transparent. Looks really pale while lining with a pair of black eyes that is so bright that is bottomless.

He He quiet for a few seconds and realized that the car is heading straight to her place in the West End. While in fact, Zheng Xie’s luxury apartments are only 10 minutes from the hospital.

“Xiao Wang, please send Brother Zheng Xie first, don’t worry about me.”

“I’m going to the other side today.” Zheng Xie issued a directive and then leaning back, closed his eyes.

Don’t misunderstand with what Zheng Xie said. “Over There” is actually the same building as Xiao He He. It is in fact opposite her house, just that the area is twice as large. In a year, he stayed less than 2 weeks in the apartment. With not such a good feeling, Xiao He He even lost her sleepiness.

As expected, Zheng Xie very naturally go with Xiao He He into the house, kick off his shoes, very naturally commended: “Come over to my side and get me a set of underwear and bathrobe. Cook for me a bowl of noddle and add an egg.” Without turning his head, he head into the bathroom.

“Arrrggg… really! Although he is a patient, she also just got off the plane from a long journey, okay?”

Actually as long as he is willing to open his mouth, there will be a whole street of young girls lining up to cook for him, so why must he asked her to do it.

Xiao He He mumbled a few words in her good heart, finally went over to his place with the keys, took the stuff and came back to cook the noodles.

Zheng Xie ate the noodles while He He went to shower. At the same time, washed the clothes tht Zheng Xie has taken off. She is really so worthless.

Coming out from her shower, she saw that the noodles have been totally eaten up including the soup while the bowl is left in the sink. The honest Xiao He He went to wash the bowl.

Turning back, she presume that Zheng Xie has gone back to his own home, so changing into her pajamas and slippers, walked into the dark bedroom and forcefully throw herself onto the bed.
“Ah –”

The short call is Zheng Xie while the long call is her own. Both Zheng Xie and Xiao He He fell harmonically on each other.

She got up and turned on the light. “You’re in the wrong place. This is my home!”

She can still understand that he bath in her place because he had not stayed in this apartment for 2 months, so worry that the water is not clean. However, he cannot sleep on her bed just because he had not slept on his bed for 2 months.

“Well.” Zheng Xie answer with a thick sleepy voice.

“Where do I sleep then?”

This time, Zheng Xie did not answer. Instead, he turn over and went back to sleep.

He slept curled up with one arm pillowed his head, just like a child.

Xiao He He immediately soften her heart. Her hand reached out to touch his forehead. It is not hot but her hand is filled with sweat.

Thinking of him, because of his fever till he was admitted into the hospital, she cover him up with a quilt, found another thinner one and covered him with it as well.

Then she pulled out from the drawer a towel and went to the living room to sleep.

Blame her home that only has 1 bed while Zheng Xie’s big empty house, she would not dare to sleep there alone. She might have nightmares.
Feeling cold, Xiao He He woke up in the middle of the night.
What kind of weather! The weather forecast say it is 30 degrees but it is so cold at night. Even a thin towel completely cannot resist the chill.

And her 2 thick silk quilt are now covering Zheng Xie currently. Xiao He He got up, put on her coat, wrapped herself and lie down again.

Either its cold or the sofa is too soft, normally a comfortable sofa when lazying around, now that it is used for sleeping, is indeed torturing especially to the bones.

Looking at the clock in the living room pointing to 3 o’clock, Xiao He He both body and mind are extremely tired, but she finds it hard to fall asleep.

She crept into the bedroom to where Zheng Xie was lying down and pulled the quilt down his body.

The curtains was not pulled. The bright moonlight shining through the window. Curled in the middle of the bed, sleeping elegantly like nothing could wake him up, Zheng Xie has kicked half of his quilt aside while the other half of the quilt is firmly under the pressure of his body.

And sleepy, tired and angry Xiao He He, pulled for a long time yet did not managed to cite any part of the quilt. Afraid of rousing him from his deep sleep, she pressed two and a half quilt beneath one half of the back cover to his body. She pulled the other half of the quilt, stiffly got underneath it and lay down. Not long after, she actually fell asleep.

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    1. I think it’s more that he wants to keep her in sight and ensure that she is safe. So funny that she sent the message to the wrong person and having a different person picking her up which ended her up in the hospital as well although only to accompany him 😉


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