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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1.1 : Awkward Tanabata Night

“In this Tanabata Night, lonely people are shameful.”

Tanabata is a Japanese Festival, originating from Chinese Qixi Festival that is celebrated every year on July 7 (or August 7) in some places. When this time of the year comes around, people write their wishes on strips of paper and hang them on bamboo trees, along with decorations.

It celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by starts Vega and Altair respectively). According to legend, the Milky Way separates these lovers allowing them to meet once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. For more information : Wikipedia : Tanabata

Almost missing the plane, Xiao He He just sat down, received a spam messages on her phone from dating site. She decided to delete the message.

Today is Tanabata Night, a very annoying festival.

Xiao He He quickly seize the time and send a text message: “My dearest Xiao Bao, your old mother is arriving at the airport at 20:30, quickly come and meet her.”

Zheng Xiao Bao is her rouge colleagues. This business trip was originally supposed to be done by him, however he came up with poor excuses and pushed Xiao He He to go for the trip instead.

So using the opportunity, she wanted to enslave him. Anyway, before she depart for the business trip, Xiao Bao was about to buy a car. While patting his chest, he vows that he will wait for her to come back and be his first passenger.

Xiao He He before boarding the plane, already had 2 bottles of beer and rice. However, she is still not full, therefore is now dizzily hungry, sleepy and tired. Her poor state of mind is making her unreasonable although on normal basis, she is not such a person.

She was looking for Zheng Xiao Bao’s cell number through the phone directory and when she finally found it, the passenger sitting next to her turn and touch her. At the shake of the hand, she touch the “sent” button and in less than a second, the screen shows “sent successfully”.

She was shocked and with a heavy head, found out that the message was not sent to Zheng Xiao Bao but to Zheng Xie instead.

Cold sweat…. She quickly called Zheng Xie to explain but after a long ring, there is no answer.

Zheng Xie can’t be that narrow minded. Xiao He He did not give up and tried calling again but still no answer.

Nevermind then, she should just add another text message to clarify everything.

Unfortunately this time, before she could finished writing the text message, her phone rang two ding and then ran out of battery.

Xiao He He got a little depressed.

Then she thought, Zheng Xie never seem to have ever returned any of her text messages. After all, she has always sent him messages with little valuable content. He probably saw the text message sent by her and chooses to ignore it as if there is anything urgent, she will always call him directly on the phone.

Moreover, Zheng Xie should not misunderstand. After all, how can she be so daring and be rude to him? His IQ is so high, he would have certainly guessed that she sent the message wrongly.

Today being Tanabata night, in theory, Zheng Xie should not be alone. During these time, he would most probably holding a glass of wine, sitting opposite a beautiful lady, would not be bothered with her mistakes.

With that thought, with a peace of mind, tilt her head to sleep.

However, before she fell asleep, she vaguely remembered that Zheng Xie’s childhood nickname is also “Xiao Bao”…. Hence Xiao He He is not able to get a peaceful sleep.


The airport is still busy with the flow streams of people busily coming and going at night. Xiao He He and the young woman next to her, is greeted by someone with a big open hug.

Such a hot day, holding so night, also not afraid of getting heat stroke.

Xiao He He does not want to admit that she is jealous. She just felt that it is immoral and now there are very limited hospital beds available.

As she takes her steps out into the airport lobby while wondering if taking the bus or taxi would cost more, He He suddenly heard a familiar voice. “Miss Xiao, here…”. She turn and took a closer look to find Zheng Xie’s personal drive, Wang Zheng.

Xiao He He is surprised. “Who are you coming to meet? Brother Zheng Xie is also on business trip? Or is….” Zheng Xie’s girlfriend? She promptly swallowed these words.

“I came to pick up Miss Xiao. Please get into the car.”

Xiao He He glanced up. Strange, the moon in the sky and the night is normal.

In the car, He He was told that young master Zheng Xie has been hospitalized in the afternoon due to high fever and is on drip.

A very tired Xiao He He, tiredly considered for 3 seconds, decided to express her humanitarian concern.

After all, she has known Zheng Xie for twenty-five years. In her impression, hospital is the kind of place, in addition to physical checkup, he will only go once every three or four years.

The hospital is not much better than a maze, after some time, finally reached the destination.

Really corrupted. Live in such a superior suite. More nervous to see the hospital beds.

Zheng Xie propped up on the bed with the drip hanging on his hand. His face is pale but his eyes were still clear. He sees her coming in, with no changes in his facial expression, uses one finger pointed to the wall where there is a long cushion chair, motioning her to sit down.

Zheng Xie’s Chief Secretary, Zheng Wei sits on a stool next to his bed. On his leg is a laptop, while dutifully records all the dictation by the leadership for records.

The economic terms to Xiao He He is like a monk mantra. Listening to it plus adding to her dizziness, a moment later, she felt asleep on the couch.

She is really tired as during the business trip, she work more than 14 hours daily. In additional to that, she hardly sleep well at night.

Xiao He He slowly woke up as she felt someone covering her with clothes. She rubbed her eyes and see the elegant and generous temperament secretary.

Seeing that she has woke up, Zheng Wei gently smiled and asked her: “Miss Xiao, I am ready to go. Should I give you a ride?”

Before Xiao He He could answer, the young master on the bed said: “No need. Wait for me to finish this bottle of drip and He He will go with me.”

“The doctor asked you to stay for the night in the hospital……” Secretary Zheng Wei looked at the face of the boss, very consciously changed, “well, you pay attention and ensure that you rest. President Zheng, your cell phone.” Then from the pocket, pulled out Zheng Xie’s dazzling platinum limited edition phone.

No wonder, falling under the sky, receiving the message and still sent someone to meet her. It turns out that her message was received by Secretary Wei.

But this time it is more humiliating, really losing her face.

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17 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 1.1

    1. Sutekii, I can’t read mandarin but I can understand and speak the language. So yes I am doing the translation but posting it on Tinkerbellsan’s page 😉 thank you for the support. Hope that you will enjoy the read. First translation project 😍


      1. Google translate and then read the ping yin version. Then listen to audio. On harder phrase I will consult a friend whom can read mandarin to ensure I am getting it correctly 😉 thanks. Only doing it as I love reading c-novel so much now and actually ran out of translated version to read 😀


      2. Yes indeed. I have been translating on and off in the past as I got some friends into c-novel translated version (most of my friends also can’t read Chinese). But most project I drop half-way as its just way too difficult. So I wanted to be sure that it’s a novel that I would able to finish before I started posting it. So this one is one of those that I truly enjoyed and I know I would be able to complete 😉. And I truly appreciate those whom are doing all these translation work online for us to read 😘

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    1. Thanks Juli for the support. I wanted to read it badly and there were no translated version online anywhere. Since I had to read it through google translate “ping yin” version, I might as well read and then type it out at the same time….. and share it for everyone else.. after all, sharing is caring 🙂 Enjoy the read.


      1. Wow! That’s a lot of work for you. Thank you. Much appreciated.

        So, Zheng Xie is a successful businessman? I wonder how many years XIao He He is younger than him. Looks XHH has distanced herself to him. Why is she not comfortable sending him the message and pick her up?

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      2. Welcome. I had enjoyed doing this 😍. Yes it is considered that Zheng Xie is a successful businessman now. They are 5 years apart. He has requested her to keep a distance unless it is necessary because of the 7 year thingy which also is puzzling to me since they are not even lovers nor a couple 😉


  1. Hello Mhryu, I just happened to find this translation. After reading the first two parts of chapter 1, I found it to be an interesting read. I think I like this novel. May I know how many chapters this novel has? Thanks!

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